Macedonian Organic Producers Federation
Whole SSE region, Development and assistance  organisation, Non-govermental organisation, Service provider, Education / research organisation, Macedonia, Beyond SSE region, Consulting / advice, Projects / Development, Training and education, Processing aids
National umbrella organisation
Representing Organic Producers
Offering services to members
Supporting the organic movement
Facilitating organic development
Projects implementation
Mladinska 146, Strumica, Macedonia
MOPF is active on local, national and international level.

- On local level our activityes include training, consultations, experience exchange workshops in cooperation with local associations and other stakeholders.

- On national level, we serve as a unified voice and represent Macedonian organic producers and organic movement participant’s interests to policymakers, the media, and the public. We are developing informative and educational materials for organic agriculture and organise trainings and seminars. MOPF supports and participates in developement and implementation of different national promotional events and projects. Our representatives participate in diferent work groups in frame of competent authorities, working on organic production polices and issues relevant for the organic movement.

- On international level MOPF participates and contributes in international projects and activities and represents the organic movement in Macedonia. We are organising participation of organic producers on study visits, events and trade shows supporting the presentation of Macedonian organic products.